The Petty Home, a turn-of-the-century Queen Anne, is being fully restored by Miles Honeycutt. Miles is the same general contracter who oversaw restoration of the Clapp-Ferguson home and Winston's Broken House, both in the Cleveland-Holloway neighborhood. Miles is restoring the home in keeping with historic elements of the original house to a single family dwelling. Check back often and watch this great home come back to life.

Monday, June 18, 2012


With Nellie's mom in town this weekend we got busy finishing up some projects and organizing.

 We painted and hung a board for a coat rack in the entrance way. Fancy hooks (that you will never see once they are covered by coats) are from Restoration Hardware. 

 We're pretty happy with the final result. The entrance way is now complete.

I got busy organizing the inside of the shed while Nellie and her mom went to town finishing the painting detail work on the outside. We used an old peg board from our last apartment. Obviously the blanks space on the board indicates that I need more tools in my life!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Happenings Lately

 Some quick photo updates. GO!

We had the old crown molding taken off the front of the house and bumped out the trim around the roof of the porch to make way for gutters which should be happening soon. The new trim has since been painted by us.

Cleveland and Ludo are BFFs.

The cats vowed to vote Republican in protest of our household now owning a dog. Jerks.

Ludo's dog training is going very well.

 We painted the shed and it took FOREVER! Ludo was bored.

 We finally got it done (sort of), and it looks fantastic!

The deck is being built as I type and is looking great so far.

More backyard excitement soon to come.